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DWS uses a renewable biological agent that works as a microscopic ‘vacuum cleaner’ to remove, concentrate and retain contaminants from wastewater, enabling water reuse. It transforms large volumes of intractable water in small volumes of biomass that is upvalorised using green technology. The biological agent is ‘resurrected’ from lake biological deposits predating the Victorian age, showing greater decontamination abilities than their modern descendants. These historical variants are the foundation for an evolving waste management system that can be tailored to contaminated waters from different sources

We creatively use water fleas to non - selectively absorb, concentrate and retain both suspended and dissolved contaminants from wastewater generating clean effluent. Our unique technology uses libraries of water fleas from the 1900s to remove contaminants (yes these bugs can sleep for a very long time before being awakened). Our research has shown that these natural variants brought back to life from the past have greater decontamination abilities than their modern descendants. They are the foundation for our water decontamination and waste management system that can be tailored to contaminated water from different production processes. 

We go above and beyond other wastewater treatments by recycling the biomass enriched with chemicals generated by the water decontamination process after destroying all residual chemicals with sustainable oxidation processes. Our end product is clean reusable water plus clean recyclable biomass. With our process, we achieve circularity and meet the net zero-carbon target of the international agenda for decarbonization.

DWS Competitive Advantage


Full regulatory compliance

Non-selective removal of a wide range of contaminants (e.g. PFAS, pesticides and pharmaceuticals)

Green, scalable and renewable

Generates small volumes of tractable biowaste, converted in non-toxic products

Low capex and opex

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