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Our story started in 2017 when we decided to explore the use of waterfleas as a removal agent for chemicals. Regulators use waterfleas to assess water quality. On a hunch, our founders flipped the idea of using waterfleas as water quality indicators on its head. They built the DWS technology around the idea that waterfleas filter contaminants out of water like small 'vacuum cleaners'.

Waterfleas thrive in wastewater, removing up to 90% of contaminants. In 2019, we started engaging with our visionary partners in low and middle-income countries, where water scarcity and increasingly stringent regulation make the need for reusable water more urgent than ever. We completed test trials with the support of our partners, who helped identify retrofitting requirements for DWS. In 2020, the originality and potential of our idea were recognised by the UK government who granted us an Innovate UK grant. With more than four years and >£5M research funds, we offer an end-to-end solution to water contamination, Daphne Water Solutions. We are proud of the support form our investors and partners in the journey to make the world a cleaner place.

Wastewater before and after DWS treatment


Wastewater before introduction of waterfleas is nutrient-rich and causes eutrophication


Treated wastewater with waterfleas is  significantly clearer and safer - micro and macropollutants are removed

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